Get a Free Trial Business App Today

Get a Free Trial Business App Today

How can it be if you get to experience a product before actually buying it? Appresive empowers its mobile application users to try the business app for free and purchase it when they find it useful for their business.

To create app with our automated platform user just needs to fill a simple form before he starts selling on mobile. The form asks for various details about your business like the name of your organization, its tagline, a short description of the business, name & prices of various products along with a brief description, image gallery with images of office, factory & staff, contact details, offers and discounts if any. User can add products in different categories as per their utility and function.

Free trial allows you to understand the concept of business app so that you can learn how to grow your business using a mobile app. With a mobile app you can serve your customers 24×7, customers can place orders through the app only. These will be cash on delivery orders which the retailer needs to deliver to its customers to realize cash.

Mobile app is a boon to customers as they do not need to rush to the store to make purchases rather they can peacefully place orders at their convenience and the goods will be delivered to their door steps. If your store has showcased some new products these can be immediately added to your app too and the customers can be notified instantly. As a result customers come to know that your store has new products and they can make purchases directly from app only. Earlier they would have come to know only once they visited your store, the app reduces their burden of travelling to your store.

Try the business mobile app and impress your customers. To make your app popular amongst customers you may share it with them via various social media platforms. Once the customer has downloaded your app he gets entire access of the app. With this app he can see your products, receive offers and discounts, add products to cart, purchase products and place cash on delivery order.

Your customers are definitely going to love it, give your customers the power to purchase as per their wish from anywhere they wish. Try the free trial and get your business mobile app today.

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